Jewelry inspired by the mysteries and magick of Ancient Egypt. 

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Anubis Medallion ~ Guidance On Life's Journey

Shown as a man with a black jackal's head, the god Anubis tested the worth of the dead by weighing t..


Cleopatra Love Cartouche Pendant

Incorporating a powerful magical hieroglyph charm dedicated to Cleopatra, this cartouche may be wor..


Egyptan Hieroglyphics Ankh Pendant, Sterling

Hieroglyphics Ankh Pendant, Sterling Silver.  Measures 2-1/4" x 7/8"  Will come with black cording. ..


Ankh Earrings

These white bronze Ankh earrings have a sterling silver overlay.  The Egyptian Ankh represents ..


Ankh Of Osiris Earrings

The Egyptian god of life, death, resurrection and afterlife, Osiris, bequeaths the 'Breath of Life',..


Autum-Ra Ankh Pendant ~ Long Life, Prosperity

The Ankh represents living and everlasting life, not only in the material world but in the spiritual..


Egyptian Ankh & Snake Ring

A very unique, mystical design inspired by Ancient Egypt.  The Ankh represents eternal life, he..


Egyptian Ankh Talisman

The history of Egypt pre-dates the birth of Christ more than 3000 years and is filled with evidence ..


Eye Of Ra Talisman

The “Eye of Ra” or “Udjat” was a popular symbol of the ancient Egyptian people. Legend says that whe..