Dragons are more than mythical beings in storybooks and movies.  They are guardians of the watchtowers and elements, guides, wise ancient beings who many people resonate and connect with on a spiritual level.  Dragons are protectors, teachers, keepers of ancient knowledge.  There is a reason our company is called "Dragon Moon".  It is because we recognize the spiritual significance of the dragon throughout history, in every culture around the world.

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Alchemy Gothic - Wyveryx Signet Ring -25%

Alchemy Gothic - Wyveryx Signet Ring, Size N (6.75)

The Wyveryx Signet Dragon Ring.  A Dragon encapsulated in black enamle.  The Alchemy Gothi..

$19.22US $14.41US

Amber Wing Dragon Earrings

Gorgeous Celtic Dragon earrings (post style) set in sterling silver with genuine Baltic Amber set in..


Celestial Dragon Earrings, Blue/Green

Magical adventures are coming your way! Witness as a powerful dragon is born with the hand-ename..


Celestial Dragon Earrings, Pink/Purple

Enchanted adventures await you! The hand-enameled "Khaleesi Baby Dragon Dangle Lever Back Earrin..


Diamond Heart Dragon Pendant -25%

Diamond Heart Dragon Pendant

A black dragon, with the heart of a diamond.  Set with 11 Swarovski crystals.  Made of le..

$55.43US $41.57US

Draca Rosa Pendant - Anne Stokes -15%

Draca Rosa Pendant - Anne Stokes

Beauty without Strength is Lost to the World, for the Weak do not Survive. Thorns and Scales prote..

$23.07US $19.61US

Draco Pendant -15%

Draco Pendant

Dragon energy spirals upwards from fiery depths, energising, empowering and burning, bringing into j..

$30.00US $25.50US

Draco Pentagram ~ Higher Self -25%

Draco Pentagram ~ Higher Self

Double winged dragons, tails entwined, quicken with Earthfire, energizing the pentagram's five eleme..

$67.75US $50.81US

Dracogram Pendant -15%

Dracogram Pendant

Clutching its divination ball, the Dragon symbolizes Life Force combined with the magickal energy o..

$32.32US $27.47US

Dragon Egg Throne Necklace - Game Of Thrones Inspired! -15%

Dragon Egg Throne Necklace - Game Of Thrones Inspired!

Inspired by our unabashed love for the hit television series Game Of Thrones, we are proud to int..

$34.63US $29.43US

Dragon Moon Dreamer Earrings

Myth and magic abound with the " Dragon Moon Dreamer Leverback Earrings". A shining star from th..


Dragon Moon Dreamer Necklace -15%

Dragon Moon Dreamer Necklace

Sweet dreams are sure to come your way with the glistening "Dragon Moon Dreamer Necklace". This d..

$25.38US $21.58US

Dragon Pendant - Inner Visions & Dreams -15%

Dragon Pendant - Inner Visions & Dreams

To the Celts, the Dragon symbolised the energy in the land reflected by dreams and inner visions. T..

$15.37US $13.06US

Dragon Pendant, Sterling -15%

Dragon Pendant, Sterling

Sterling silver.  Approx. 1".  Makes a lovely dragon charm or pendant.  Comes on black silk cord in ..

$16.56US $14.08US

Dragon Pentacle, Sterling

High quality .925 sterling silver.  Two mystical dragons cling to either side of a pentacle.&nb..


Dragon Trinity Pendant, White Bronze -15%

Dragon Trinity Pendant, White Bronze

This reimagined Celtic Trinity Knot symbolizes the mind, body, and spirit as it relates to the mysti..

$14.60US $12.41US

Dragonstar Pendant -15%

Dragonstar Pendant

Intertwined in perfect harmony the Male and Female Dragons represent the polarity of the Life Force..

$24.61US $20.92US

Duos Celtica Pendant - Anne Stokes -15%

Duos Celtica Pendant - Anne Stokes

Celtic Dragons promise Success, while Faith bonded with Beauty cannot Fail. It was ever so. Duos Ce..

$23.07US $19.61US

Earth Dragon Pendant -15%

Earth Dragon Pendant

Pentagrams magic and skill clasped secure within Dragons legendary might manifests Protection from B..

$29.23US $24.85US

Eastern Dragon Bracelet - Blue -25%

Eastern Dragon Bracelet - Blue

A beautiful Eastern Dragon bracelet with shimmering jewels and a pewter silver finish.  Fits ..

$14.63US $10.97US

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