Goddess Intention Bracelet

Goddess Intention Bracelet

Beautiful pewter bracelets that state intention on the outside and have inspiration on the inside.

Fine pewter cuff bracelets are lead-free and made in the USA.  To wear, slide the opening on sideways over the smallest part of your wrist, and then turn it so the design faces the top.  If you find that you need to widen the opening to fit it over the smallest part of your wrist, widen it as little as possible, and then leave it in that position. You’ll be able to enjoy your bracelet for years to come.

1. Outside: Imagine It, State It, Believe It, Receive It. Inside: Live with intention

2. Outside: Ground,Breathe, Center, Shield,  Inside: Live in the moment

3. Outside: Joyful, Fearless, Loving, Alive,  Inside: Live as if now is all there is

4. Outside: Truth, Grace, Balance, Courage, Wisdom,  Inside: Walk with the Goddess

5. Outside: Imagine, Believe, Create, Receive,  Inside: Achieve the impossible

6. Outside: Dream, Dare, Create, Become,  Inside: Remember who you want to be

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