Astrology Bracelet, Zodiac

-35% Astrology Bracelet, Zodiac
The outside of each bracelet carries the name of the zodiac sign, the sign symbol, and the symbol for the planet that rules the sign.  Inside are the main characteristics for that sign.

Inside the 12 Bracelets:
● Aries: I am dynamic, courageous, confident
● Taurus: I am artistic, determined, sensual
● Gemini: I am clever, curious, versatile
● Cancer: I am dramatic, intuitive, romantic
● Leo: I am flamboyant, honorable, creative
● Virgo: I am intelligent, discriminating, skilful
● Libra: I am charming, artistic, romantic
● Scorpio: I am passionate, intense, hypnotic
● Sagittarius: I am generous, optimistic, independent
● Capricorn: I am youthful, ambitious, successful
● Aquarius: I am spontaneous, inventive, intuitive
● Pisces: I am compassionate, imaginative, creative


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