Gem Bracelet: African Turquoise & Feather

Gem Bracelet: African Turquoise & Feather

African Turquoise is a beautiful stone with a familiar look. It has the same organic texture and a similar vibrant color to traditional Turquoise. But, this stone is hiding a little secret: It’s not actually Turquoise at all!

Technically speaking, this healing stone is a form of Jasper, which is a form of Chalcedony. Exclusively mined in Africa.

Thanks to the natural hardness of African Turquoise, it’s a wonderful stone for artisans and jewelers. You’ll often see it being used on beads that get exposed to some wear and tear.

The stone is said to bring about positive change and transformation. It facilitates growth and maturity, allowing you to pursue all of the possibilities in life. Rather than staying complacent in how things are going now, it pushes you to live a bit grander.

With the beauty of an added silver-tone Feather charm, this stretchy style bracelet is stunning. Will fit most wrists. Beads are 8mm.

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