Carnelian Chip Stone Bracelet

Carnelian Chip Bracelet

Carnelian has a strong connection with the Earth which makes it a good gem to help keep you centered and grounded. This stone has long been used in fertility rituals and helps to stimulate creativity.  It dispels negative energy.   It's also a sacral chakra gem, opening that center of creativity wide to help you birth your creations in the world.  It is a motivational stone and has been called the “self-esteem stone.” It assists in focusing on the present, stimulates appetite, physical energy, emotions, passion, and concentration. 

These beautiful stretch bracelets fit most wrists and are crafted of genuine chip-stone beads. Many shops online are selling these bracelets, but they are being made with fake plastic beads. Rest assured that our gemstone jewelry pieces are always crafted with authentic gemstones, as well as lab-created gemstones (which we always specify as well).  

Note: You can see that Carnelian really varies in coloring, from dark orange / almost brown, to a light translucent orange. Most gemstone bracelets will vary this way.  

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