Aquamarine, Moonstone & Quartz Angel Bracelet

Aquamarine, Moonstone & Quartz Angel Bracelet

Let the angels guide you throughout your day, wearing this powerful trio of energy. With the combination of crystals used within this bracelet, the powers of balance, empathy, communication, and peace. 8mm beaded bracelet with Rainbow Moonstone, Aquamarine, and Quartz Adorned with an Angel charm and silver toned accent pieces. Stretchy style bracelet fits most wrists.

Aquamarine is associated with trusting and letting go. In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids. Sailors used the stone as a talisman to bring good luck on the open waters. The gem was used as a symbol of protection and fearlessness too.

Moonstone is a mystical stone said to help women connect to the powers of the Moon and Goddess energy.

Pure Quartz crystal is cleansing and energizing other crystals and minerals. Excellent for meditation and accessing higher self and guides.

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