The seven main chakras are the energy centers in our body and each have a corresponding color as shown on the left.  In jewelry form, chakra gems are usually arranged in a similar fashion from the crown chakra to the root chakra.  Gemstones may vary by piece but are always in correspondence to the chakra colors.  By wearing chakra jewelry, it is believed you can help realign your chakra centers so that life force, the Divine, can more easily flow through you.


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Chakra Keychain, Select Symbol

These beautiful engraved stone keychains feature the Chakra symbols and make lovely gifts.  Eac..


Chakra Stone Bracelet, Adjustable

A beautiful bracelet featuring genuine gemstone beads on an adjustable rope style bracelet with tass..


Chakra Stone Necklace

Genuine semi-precious stones have been used to create this sacred piece of Chakra healing jewellery...


Chakra Sun Pendant, Sterling

The Chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force al..


VibesUp - Chakra Tune Up Bracelets -35%

VibesUp - Chakra Tune Up Bracelets

These special Chakra tools/bracelets are coated with the VibesUP Award wining formula of Essent..

$78.57US $51.07US

4 Directions Gem Earrings

Sterling silver earrings. Each gem represents one of the 4 cardinal points, and the center feat..


4 Directions Gem Ring

Sterling silver, size 9 (can be sized as it's pure .925 sterling).Each gem represents one of the 4 c..


Celtic Chakra Pendant

Chakra pendant – set with seven semi-precious stones – garnet, carnelian, amber, malachite, lapis, a..


Chakra & Apophyllite Crystal Necklace

This unique necklace features gemstone chip beads corresponding with the seven chakras and a raw apo..


Chakra Wheel Pendant

This beautiful sterling silver pendant features genuine gemstones to represent the Chakras.  Th..


Flower Of Life Chakra Necklace

With stones associated with each of the seven chakras, this necklace is adorned with the flower of l..


Himalayan Quartz Chakra Necklace

We're very impressed by these new necklaces that have just arrived from India.  The Himalayan Q..


Orgone Chakra Pendant

This lovely resin crystal point shaped necklace has been embellished with seven chakras represented ..


Orgonite Chakra Pendant, Triangle

This beautiful orgonite chakra pendant has been infused with the colors and stones of the chakras. I..


Rudraksha Chakra Prayer Mala

Keep your chakras stimulated, energized and balanced with a gemstone mala.  This mala has be..


Scolecite Chakra Pendant

Scolecite gently awakens the higher mind, helping one to gain a deeper understanding of one’s soul j..


Spell-Me Pendant: Chakras

Each handmade necklace comes carded with a description of the stone healing properties as follows:Ch..


VibesUp - Chakra Balance Tree Pendant -35%

VibesUp - Chakra Balance Tree Pendant

Treated with our Chakra Balancing Formula! What are 'Vibes'? How do they effect my life? Science has..

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VibesUp - Chakra Tree Pendant -35%

VibesUp - Chakra Tree Pendant

Treated with the VibesUp Chakra Balancing Formula! What are 'Vibes'? How do they effect my life? Sci..

$33.31US $21.65US