Celtic knots are complete loops without any beginning or end, this unending style is called pure knots. The knots vary from simple to complicated ones. The use of only one thread highlights the Celts' belief in the interconnectedness of life and eternity.
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Triple Moon Necklace- Stunning!

Triple moon necklace – A pewter triple moon design necklace with a rainbow moonstone cabochon – on 1..


Triquetra Cuff Bracelet

This white bronze & sterling overlay cuff bracelet features a Celtic Triquetra knot, which has v..


Triquetra Earrings

Celtic knot earrings. Measures 1" x 1" from point to point excluding earrings hook. Made in India. ..


Triquetra Pendant, Sterling

A dainty Triquetra knot pendant in sterling silver. Celtic Knotwork is an ancient design that symbol..


Triquetra Trininty Knot Tree Of Life - Sterling

Triquetra Trinity Knot / Tree of Life Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver.The concept of a tree of life ..


Triscele Pendant

Triscele pendant – a pewter embossed and openwork Triscele design pendant on a tin-plated or surgica..


Triscele Ribbon Pendant

Triscele ribbon pendant – Pewter pendant with embossed Triscele ribbon design on 18″ tin-plated or s..


Triscelle Of Dana Talisman

The natural direction of life is that of the Spiral, a balanced, continuous movement winding towards..


Twin Dragon Bangle

Twin dragon bangle – a pewter 2 piece twin dragon bangle with an embossed Celtic drag..


Viking Serpent Torc Bracelet

Serpent head torc bangle – a pewter open bangle with embossed knotwork and twin serpent heads design..


Witches Rune Pendant ~ Elemental Energy

These unusual and authentic Wiccan pendants are potent symbols of the Witches' skill and will energi..


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