Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber

We're so proud to be a retailer for the World's finest genuine Baltic Amber jewellery. 

Amber is petrified tree sap.  It can be found in a range of colors from cream, to cognac, the more golden amber that is more common, and even green!  When you wear a piece of Amber, you're wearing a piece of preserved nature.  It has a warm, earthy and grounding energy. 

New stock arriving this Summer!

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Amber Infant Necklace: Multi Oval

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are an excellent natural teething solution and can be worn for..


Amber Wing Dragon Earrings

Gorgeous Celtic Dragon earrings (post style) set in sterling silver with genuine Baltic Amber set in..


Amber Butterfly Ring

This beautiful unique setting features a butterfly with wings of genuine Baltic Amber set in .925 st..


Amber Celtic Triquetra Pendant, Honey

The Celtic trinity knot, or Triquetra knot, has many meanings and is a beautiful symbol of faith, ho..


Amber Crescent Moon Pendant

This whimsical crescent moon pendant is cast in sterling silver and features three genuine Baltic Am..


Amber Dragonfly Earrings

Sterling silver dragonfly earrings with genuine Baltic Amber.  Approximately 1 1/2" long. ..


Amber Heart Pendant

A beautiful free-form Baltic amber heart pendant, sterling silver bale. These heart p..


Amber Pegasus Pendant

A beautiful mystical Pegasus and genuine Baltic Amber set in .925 sterling silver.  Approximate..


Celtic Amber Claddagh Ring

The Celtic Claddagh has long been a symbol of love in Ireland.  Here we see the traditional han..


Dragon Baltic Amber Pendant

A majestic dragon pendant, set in sterling silver.  The dragon clutches a genuine Baltic Amber ..


Honey Amber Angel Earrings

Beautiful, sweet little angels set in sterling silver with genuine cognac colored amber for head and..


Honey Amber Pendant - Insect Inclusions

This ancient resin tree sap pendant features a genuine insect inclusion which adds to the fun and th..