Zodiac Pendant

-30% Zodiac Pendant
Astrology Pendants each have the name of the zodiac sign and its symbol on the front, and the main characteristics of the sign inscribed on the other 3 sides.  Each pendant measures approx. 2" and come with a nice silver-tone ball chain,approx 20" long.  All made from a lead free pewter.

Inscriptions on the 12 pendants:
● Aries: dynamic, courageous, confident
● Taurus: artistic, determined, sensual
● Gemini: clever, curious, versatile
● Cancer: dramatic, intuitive, romantic
● Leo: flamboyant, honorable, creative
● Virgo: intelligent, discriminating, skilful
● Libra: charming, artistic, romantic
● Scorpio: passionate, intense, hypnotic
● Sagittarius: generous, optimistic, independent
● Capricorn: youthful, ambitious, successful
● Aquarius: spontaneous, inventive, intuitive
● Pisces: compassionate, imaginative, creative


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