Amethyst Butterfly Tree Pendant

Amethyst Butterfly Tree Pendant

This stunning pendant features a wire wrapped/twisted tree with genuine Amethyst crystal beads as the branches and leaves. The small faux butterfly that rests in the centre of the piece, really adds an ethereal and whimsical energy to the pendant. The butterfly is soft and cloth-like, so this pendant can't get wet.

The Tree Of Life represents our connection to all things, the life cycle, and renewal.

Butterflies represent change, transformation, new beginnings, and have a spiritual connection to our loved ones beyond the veil.

Amethyst: Meditation, dream recall, dispels nightmares and helps with insomnia, aides in magick and divination work. Used in healing circles and helps when having a hard time letting go of anger and the past and moving forward.  

This pendant measures approximately 2" in diameter. Chain (18") is included.

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