Angelic jewellery to uplift, inspire and comfort.

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Angel Wing Locket

This beautiful sterling silver locket is heart shaped, formed from two angel wings that close and ov..

$53.43 US

Angel Wing Necklace, Sterling

Angels play an important role in spirituality for many people of all faiths, as spirit intermediarie..

$100.15 US

Angel Wing Pendant, Select Your Stone

Angel Wing pendants, carved of genuine stone and drilled to insert a bale for your chain.  The ..

$8.31 US

Angel Wing Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful detailed angel wing cast in sterling silver. Keep the angels close to you when you wear ..

$20.83 US

Angel Wings Aroma Harmony Ball Necklace Set

The Angel Wings necklace that has two changeable options. Comes with a harmony ball that emits a ..

$9.14 US

Angel Wings Sterling Pendant

A beautiful pendant with finely detailed angel wings. Measuring 4.5 cm, this piece is eye-catching a..

$53.39 US

Angel's Gift Of Magick Silver Necklace

If you find guidance and inspiration from the symbolic angel, the Angel's Gift Of Magick Silver Neck..

$61.74 US

Archangel Chamuel Charm, Sterling

Chamuel means "He who seeks God." Are you a seeker of the Divine? Then Chamuel is guiding you. Chamu..

$9.98 US

Archangel Gabriel Charm, Sterling

Archangel Gabriel is known as the angel of revelation because God often chooses Gabriel to communica..

$8.31 US

Archangel Gabriel Orgone Pendant

Beautiful Reiki Energy Charged Archangel Gabriel Orgone Pendant. Each Hand Crafted Crystal Pendant i..

$11.65 US

Archangel Michael Amulet

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares o..

$4.13 US

Archangel Michael Charm, Sterling

Michael - Literally his name translates as "who is like God" He appears in the Book of ..

$10.81 US

Archangel Michael Pocket Token

The intricately-detailed image and symbol of the Archangel Michael is beautifully displayed on this ..

$1.25 US

Archangel Raphael Charm, Sterling

Archangel Raphael comes with love and compassion to heal your deepest wounds. Raphael said, "The C..

$9.14 US

Aroma Locket Pendant: Angel Wings

These aromatherapy pendants offer something that most conventional jewellery does not: you can creat..

$20.83 US

Aroma Locket Pendant: Angel Wings 1

Stylish and attractive way of keeping the scent of your favorite essential oil.  Just plac..

$17.95 US

Double Angel Wing Charm, Sterling

A beautiful little charm, ready for your charm bracelet, charm holder pendant, or as a very small da..

$7.47 US

Double Wing Angel Earrings

Be reminded of the guiding light and love that our guardian Angels provide, with these .925 sterling..

$30.85 US

Dream Angel Earrings, Sterling, Moonstone

The Angelic Bringer of Healing Dreams in sterling silver with Moonstones 1.5" tall.Symbolism and Mea..

$89.29 US

Dream Angel Pendant, Sterling, Moonstone

The Angelic Bringer of Healing Dreams in sterling silver Moonstone 1.5" high.Symbolism and Meaning o..

$45.04 US

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