Gemstone Angel Pendants

Gemstone Angel Pendants

These sweet little carved gemstone and crystal Angels are wrapped with silver-tone wire so you can wear them as a pendant. Approximately 1".  Jewellery cording and a gift pouch are always included.

If you believe in Angels, you will surely have a blessed life.  Many people believe we are each born with a spirit guide, otherwise thought to be an Angel.  This guide is with us throughout our lives, and they help us learn from our life experiences, mistakes, losses and wins.  It can be easy to forget we have this guiding light in our lives, and we sometimes feel alone.  Wearing a piece of jewellery to represent your angel guide, can help remind us we're never really alone. Carrying an angelic symbol with you can truly help in times of sorrow, as well as in times of joy as a reminder to show gratitude and give thanks to our Creator.  

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