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-40% Ivy Pentacle Pendant

The charm of a forest god can be a powerful protector, as well as an impressive sigil to display, too. This Pentacle of Pan Necklace is a sylvan accent that brings together the old power of the five-point star and the glory of natural design and beauty. Looking very much as if it had been crafted by the fan and forest lord Pan, this pentacle pendant resurrects the classic look of this age-old symbol by giving it a natural flavor that is quite the sight to see.

The star within looks as though it is made from planks of wood, while the ring surrounding the star is seemingly woven from vines and studded with green leaves. The pendant is, in all actuality, crafted from fine pewter metal, which is then finished in dark gold and green hues to give it the perfect woody coloration.

The pendant includes a matching chain necklace, as well as a jewelry box for safe keeping. Natural in its design and detailing, this Pentacle of Pan Necklace is the perfect wiccan charm for the one who wants old magic and natural power, all in one, as well as a stylish little emblem that allows you to bring a touch of natural design to anything you might own and wear, too.

1" in diameter. Chain & gift box included.

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