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Handmade Incense - Select Your Scent

Handmade, clean burning incense sticks. Sold in packs of 20.Select your scent from the menu. At this..

$3.07 US

The Shadow Dragon's Stream - Peter Dressler (Signed Copy)

This book was written by Dragon Moon's own Peter Dressler.  The book comes signed on the inside..

$12.42 US

2020 Crystal Calendar

Lighten up your year and beautify your desk with this 2020 Crystal Calendar. As you move into each m..

$9.28 US

2020 Lunar & Seasonal Diary NR

The 2020 Lunar & Seasonal Diary is beautifully produced with full-color pages and a spiral binding t..

$22.47 US

2020 Moonology Diary

Moonology Diary is every astrology fan's must-have tool to harness the moon's power in their day-t..

$17.85 US

3 Step Purification Smudge Kit

For Your Home or Office. Step 1 - White Sage - CLEANSE NEGATIVEWhite Sage is traditionally used b..

$31.44 US

5-Minute Magic for Modern Wiccans

Are you looking for a quick spell to spark your creativity? Or maybe one to quell your anxiety? Do y..

$20.92 US

7 Archangels Resin Incense, 1 oz

7 Archangel Resin incense offers an otherworldly aromatic smoke intended to be burned upon your ch..

$3.49 US

A Brush With Magic Statue ~ by Lisa Parker

Let this adorable witchs companion into your home and heart when you decorate with the Brush with Ma..

$69.83 US

A Little Bit of Yoga: An Introduction to Postures and Practice (hc) - Meagan Stevenson

In the popular "Little Bit of" series: a fresh, accessible introduction to the postures and practice..

$10.48 US

Abalone Shell for Smudge Bundles

The abalone shell with its beautiful iridescent interior has been used for centuries as decor, a pla..

$16.69 US

Abalone Shell, Tumbled (Pack of 3)

On an intuitive level, Abalone Shell helps to stimulate psychic development and intuition while pro..

$1.51 US

Acrylic Sphere Stand, 35-50mm

These clear acrylic rings are great for displaying spheres without taking away from the beauty of th..

$0.66 US

Acrylic Sphere Stand, 50+mm

These acrylic rings are great for spheres 50mm+.  A clear acrylic design, these stands display ..

$1.16 US

Affirmation Candle - Goddess

An earthen brown candle with a scent of woodsy patchouli, 2"x 4" pillar with a 40 hour burn time. Th..

$11.61 US

African Turquoise, Tumbled

Over the past 12 years in business, we have been fortunate to find incredible sources for amazing ge..

$2.29 US

Afterlife of Billy Fingers (tp) NR - Annie Kagan

Suffering from world-weariness, former singer/songwriter Annie Kagan gave up her life in New York Ci..

$17.82 US

Alchemy 1977 Gothic 2020 Calendar

Discover a gorgeously illustrated sixteen-month calendar. Featuring an incredible collection of goth..

$16.30 US

Alchemy Gothic - Celtic Theurgy Ring

Protective powers of the pentagram under Celtic influence.  A gorgeous lead free pewter ring ma..

$24.80 US

Alchemy Gothic - The Highgate Horror T-Shirt, Medium -25%

Alchemy Gothic - The Highgate Horror T-Shirt, Medium

As the sun sets on All Hallows Eve, London's oldest and most fearsome denizen emerges to haunt the ..

$20.18 US $15.13 US

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