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Rainbow Onyx Candle Holder Trio

An elegant tealight set hand crafted from rainbow onyx. These beautiful pieces are hand crafted in I..

$13.87 US

Crystal Ball, Special Order Large Size

Beautiful crystal balls made with clear leaded crystal. These are high quality crystal balls with am..

$73.16 US

Egyptian Ankh Ring

The Egyptian Ankh is an ancient hieroglyphic symbol that represents life itself. This beautiful Ankh..

$31.44 US

Rose Quartz Ring, Sterling

This dainty, sweet little ring is a size 6. A precious pale pink Rose Quartz has been expertly cut a..

$26.31 US

Ruby Ring, Sterling

The fiery and captivating Ruby is a stone of nobility, considered the most magnificent of all gems, ..

$35.10 US

Labradorite Pendant - Amazing Flash!

Every once in a while, we get pieces of Labradorite in the shop that have a truly breathtaking flash..

$65.84 US

Triple Moon Earrings, Sterling

Sterling silver Triple Moon design with Rainbow Moonstone gems in the center. It's hard to capture t..

$23.06 US

Amethyst Marquise Ring, Sterling

A classic Marquise cut Amethyst set in sterling silver. A dainty, thin sterling band for those who p..

$31.44 US

Celtic Triquetra Quartz & Amethyst Pendulum

This beautiful pendulum by Crystal Earth studio is unique and unlike any we've ever carried. It's ve..

$30.71 US

Golden Rutile Quartz Pendant, Sterling Silver

Golden Rutilated Quartz like all types of quartz, is a strong amplifier of positive energy. The powe..

$37.29 US

Labradorite Ring, Slim Band, Sterling

A new design in the Crystal Earth line of sterling and gemstone jewellery. A classic, simple and dai..

$21.92 US

Black Tourmaline Moon Pendant, Sterling

Black Tourmaline is a stone worn for protection from lower, negative energy.  This pendant..

$19.73 US

Amethyst Pentacle Ring, Sterling

A timeless and elegant design. A slim cut sterling silver band, nicely detailed pentacle star, and f..

$21.92 US

Orgonite Chakra Pendant, Sterling

The very first Orgonite pendant we've carried in the Crystal Earth line of healing crystal jewellery..

$30.38 US

Star Goddess Sun Catcher

A beautiful goddess with flowing hair within a ring of stars. A dangling rainbow crystal hangs at th..

$12.81 US

Ariel Faerie Sun Catcher

A sweet little faerie holding a magical crystal. Cast in pewter and made in the USA, this handmade p..

$12.81 US

Moon Pentagram Sun Catcher

A magickal Pentagram star within a crescent moon, cast in pewter in the USA. A rainbow crystal dangl..

$12.81 US

Foxglove Fae Sun Catcher

A sweet little faerie holding a magical crystal. Cast in pewter and made in the USA, this handmade p..

$12.81 US

Angel Cat Sun Catcher

A sweet little angel cat holding a magical hanging crystal that will catch the light nicely. Makes a..

$12.81 US

Earth Goddess Sun Catcher

A sweet little lady holding the Earth in her hands. Cast in pewter and made in the USA, this handmad..

$15.37 US

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