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Fairy & Wolf Friend Table

Intricately sculpted in high quality resin and hand painted to perfection, this lovely fairy table b..

$640.75 US

Dragon Protecting Egg Table

A blue dragon demonstrates his/her fierce power while protecting an egg below. Crafted of cold-caste..

$533.95 US

Dragon Butler Table

Holding the glass top for your treasures, the dragon is beautifully detailed. Each scale of the drag..

$464.94 US

Blue Dragons Table

This gorgeous table features a mother dragon and her baby, depicted in a loving scene. A beautiful d..

$739.33 US

Roaring Dragon Table

This majestic dragon table would be an excellent addition to your fantasy and medieval decor. Perfec..

$266.96 US

Greenman Table

The Green Man motif has many variations. Found in many cultures around the world, the Green Man is o..

$254.63 US

Garland Fairy Table

Based on the fantasy art of Sheila Wolk, this table is absolutely stunning. A beautiful fairy poses ..

$455.09 US

White Dragon Table

Dragons make such great home accents, as one of their duties is to guard and protect the houses in w..

$484.66 US

Crawling Dragon Table

For an exceptional piece of dragon memorabilia, look no further. This large coffee table features a ..

$570.92 US

Dragon Cross Table

A great size for a side-table, this glass dragon table measures 18" in height, and is topped with a ..

$213.56 US

Offering Dragon Table

Dragons can be rather accommodating creatures. The dragon in the Offering Dragon Table makes it easy..

$501.09 US

Double Dragon Table

Welsh mythology tells the story of two dragons locked in a deadly battle beneath the earth. These da..

$517.52 US

Peacock Lady Lamp

This gorgeous LED lamp is a great way to shed some light and add some style to a room! A woman stand..

$218.49 US

Mermaid & jellyfish Lamp

This lamp is pure magic! A sultry mermaid swims, scales of green and blue adorning her, auburn hair ..

$147.83 US

Flying Dragon Lamp

Have your very own dragon soaring over your head, and lighting up your fantastical abode, with this ..

$229.99 US

Egyptian Isis Lamp

Isis, the Egyptian Aset or Eset, one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt. Her name is t..

$185.62 US

Crouching Dragon Wall Lamp

With its wings hunched behind it, the stone colored dragon gazes down at passersby, its scaly tail c..

$139.62 US

Dragonfly Wall Lamp

We call this lamp the Dragonfly, because this dragon has wings that remind us of a butterfly. This p..

$205.34 US

Dragon Sword Floor Lamp

This majestic lamp will turn heads in your home. A majestic dragon clings to a medieval sword. Cast ..

$801.77 US

Red Dragon Lamp

Bring the illuminating magic of dragons into your own home with the Red Dragon Lamp. Both function..

$160.98 US

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