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Magical Herb Compendium - Aurora

Explore the magical properties of more than ninety herbs from aconite to yew. In detailed profiles, ..

$24.20 US

Magic of the Elements - Deborah Lipp

The Magic of the Elements is the second installment in Deborah Lipp's elemental magic series. Buildi..

$27.95 US

Little Encyclopedia of Fairies - Ojo Opanike

From the mountains of Northern Italy to the remote forests of Nigeria, diverse fairies from around..

$18.16 US

Little Book of Pendulum Magic - D Conway

Also known as dowsing, pendulum magic is a technique for seeing into the future, whether for informa..

$9.83 US

Inspirational Wicca Oracle Cards - Davide - Moreno Marr

Masterfully portraying a union of light and dark, movement and stillness, this oracle deck invites y..

$34.76 US

Tarot Bag: Inspirational Wicca

Featuring Gonzalo M. Moreno's lovely artwork, this deluxe satin bag makes a delightful accessory f..

$17.36 US

Moon Phase Wolf Incense Holder

A beautiful hand painted resin incense holder featuring a howling wolf, forest and mountains in the ..

$12.82 US

Gjallarhorn: A Norse Oracle Deck - Jillian Kristina

The Norse Oracle Deck is both a guide and a tool. It is also an extension of you because in their hi..

$34.80 US

Forest Magic Oracle - Van De Car Nikki

Bring the natural world into your mystical practice with this deck and illus..

$19.67 US

Forest Magic : Rituals and Spells for Green Witchcraft - Van De Car Nikki

Connect to the enchanted mystery of trees, plants, and forests as you engage..

$21.94 US

Energy Medicine - Donna Eden

In this updated and expanded edition of her alternative-health classic, Eden shows readers how they ..

$22.69 US

Enchanted Förhäxa Tarot - MJ Cullinane

From the creator of the Crow Tarot, a richly illustrated 78-card tarot deck ..

$27.23 US

Dragons Stained Glass Coloring Book

Travel back in time to the days of mythical beasts and legendary heroes. The eight awesome dragons..

$2.65 US

Dragon Stars Magic Ball Figurine

Dragon Stars Magic Ball Figurine Size: 5.25" x 5.25" x 5.25" Material: Hand Painted Resin A..

$36.28 US

Dragon Riders Oracle - Christine Arana Fader

In this 43-card full-color deck and guidebook set, "Dragon Woman" Christine Arana Fader introduces u..

$18.91 US

Divine Codes Oracle - Leah Shoman

The Divine Codes Oracle is a powerful deck that invites you to delve into the realm of love and divi..

$30.25 US

Divination for Beginners - Liz Dean

Discover how to use divination to manifest the life you want with this beginne..

$17.39 US

Dark Wood Tarot Mini Deck - Sasha Graham

Miniature Edition of the Dark Wood Tarot Small enough to fit in a pocket or a purse, you can carry t..

$15.12 US

Crystal Oracle Deck - Kathy Banegas

Tap into the power of Crystals and enhance your life with this glowing deck of Crystal oracle cards...

$19.67 US

Beautiful Angels Coloring Book

Colorists will be delighted with these gorgeous portraits of 31 divine beauties. From a celestial ..

$7.19 US