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Baby Mermaids (Set of 3)

A set of three adorable baby mermaids, asleep in their shell beds. They are absolutely darling, and ..

$17.65 US

Baby Mermaids (Set Of 2)

A set of two adorable baby mermaids, asleep in their shell beds. They are absolutely darling, and wo..

$15.65 US

Strange Cats - Mini Sign - Alchemy Gothic

From the philosophical musings of the Alchemist himself and the artists of Alchemy Studios, come a..

$6.24 US

Mermaid & Shell Holder

Let this mystical mermaid hold your sacred treasures in her abalone shell. A beautiful resin-cast st..

$50.16 US

What Lies Behind Us - Dragonfly Mug

Brighten up your day by having a cuppa in this lovely mug, decorated with an artistic dragonfly prin..

$14.86 US

Living Runes (tp) NR - Galina Krasskova

Living Runes provides a thorough examination of the Norse runes that will challenge the experienced ..

$18.00 US

Gryphon Leather Journal

In heraldry, the Gryphon's amalgamation of lion and eagle gains in courage and boldness, and it is a..

$32.90 US

Magical Unicorn Jewellery Stand - Alchemy Gothic

This old-world style Unicorn bust sculpture will surely add a touch of elegance to your home decor a..

$47.02 US

Custom Mini Besom

The besom, or broom, is one of the main ritual tools of the witch and is sacred to both the Goddess ..

$11.73 US

Intuitively Selected Rune

We will select a Rune just for you. When you order, we'll reach into our giant bag of gemstone and b..

$1.53 US

Tree Guy Backflow Incense Burner

This tree guy is amazing with an LED light within his trunk that lights up with a soft purple glow.&..

$30.55 US

Blue Crystal Dragon Incense Burner

Find your inner peace with this Blue Dragon Crystal Backflow Burner. This incense burner features an..

$30.55 US

Healing Words Kit

Tap into the positive and encouraging power of the healing process with this collection of magnetic ..

$14.08 US

Happiness Earrings

Happiness (Cheerful)Planetary Influence: Uranus, Pluto, Moon and SaturnChakras: 3rd, 4th 5th and 7th..

$15.65 US

Triple Goddess Earrings - Alchemy Gothic

The pearly full moon, invoking healing, occult protection and wealth. A small and discreet pair of p..

$25.06 US

Desert Dragon Statue

Crafted of cold-casted resin and hand painted with beautiful detailing, this very determined looking..

$31.33 US

Cosmic Crystals - Ashley Leavy

Cosmic Crystals shows you how to work with the phases and signs of the moon to energize and amplify ..

$25.88 US

Dark Dragon Statue

Mysterious, majestic and wise. This Dragon is ready to keep watch over your mantle and sacred space...

$50.16 US

Wall Clock: Unicorns

A sweet scent of a mother unicorn and her young.  Add a touch of magick to any room with this c..

$17.22 US

Wall Clock: Cat Reader

This kitty is ready to read your cards!  Add a touch of whimsical magick to any room with this ..

$17.22 US

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