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Altar Oil: Prosperity

This wonderful Prosperity Oil blend was crafted with the intention of helping you attract and draw m..

$2.99 US

Dig It Out - Amethyst Crystal

Uncover the hidden beauty of genuine amethyst crystals buried within the excavation block. Each ki..

$3.74 US

Gems Of The World Mini Collection

This collection features 20 varieties of gemstones, each with its unique colour and energy. Perfec..

$6.77 US

Fizz Gems - Gemstone Surprise

Gemstone surprise gem shaped fizz balls have an assortment of gemstones embedded within. Simply pl..

$4.50 US

Golden Pyrite Sphere

Pyrite is the mineral we’ve all come to know as “Fools Gold”. Its metallic brassy yellow shine is th..

$30.22 US

Narmada (Shiva Lingam) Sphere, Large

A stone found in the bed of the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh state, India, is an iconic symbol of..

$41.57 US

Green Opal Sphere

Beautiful Green Opal with various patterns and colors throughout the stone. Green Opal is said to he..

$37.03 US

Grass Jasper Sphere

Grass Jasper encourages feelings of calm & reassurance. It steadies and balances emotional highs..

$37.03 US

Pyrite Cube, Rough

The natural crystal of Pyrite is to form cubic crystals, though more commonly, more complex format..

$2.23 US

Raw Epidote Crystal

Epidote is a spiritual stone that brings prosperity and abundance.Epidote is a strong purificator of..

$1.89 US

Evil Eye Dish / Incense Holder

This unique wooden holder is shaped like an eye, hand painted with vibrant blue. It has a small hole..

$11.31 US

Selenite Moon Evil Eye Bowl

This trinket bowl shaped like a crescent moon is crafted of Satin Spar Selenite and has a small Evil..

$12.07 US

Sardonyx Sphere

Beautiful Sardonyx spheres, each one totally unique. Gorgeous patterns and bands running throughout ..

$20.39 US

Triple Moon Wooden Standing Piece

Add a subtle touch of magick to your altar and decor with this hand made wooden Triple Moon standing..

$9.04 US

Black Obsidian Rainbow Aura Points

These beautiful pieces of Black Obsidian have been placed into a very hot chamber and heated with ..

$9.04 US

Green Onyx Shot Glass Pair

Green Onyx carries with it the primary properties of all forms of which are known for strength, will..

$14.34 US

Citrine Angel Aura Points

These beautiful Citrine standing points have been heat treated and bonded with sterling silver to cr..

$15.09 US

Angel Aura Amethyst Moon Necklace

Beautiful shimmering crescent moon crafted of a heat-treated Amethyst with pure silver Aura bond c..

$20.39 US

Angel Aura Amethyst Moon

Beautiful shimmering crescent moons crafted of a heat-treated Amethyst with pure silver Aura bond ..

$19.63 US

Titanium Aura Amethyst Moon Earrings

Beautiful shimmering crescent moons crafted of a heat-treated Amethyst with Titianium Aura bond co..

$20.39 US