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Spellwork Dice : Mix Up Your Magic

Infuse your magic with chance with this set of witchy wooden dice!Four wooden illustrated dice:&nbs..

$14.11 US

Shadow Magic - Van De Car Nikki

"A necessary addition to any collection on magic and witchcraft." — Publisher's Weekly From th..

$21.35 US

Sacred Heavens Coloring Book

Part of the "Coloring Books for the Soul" series, an exquisitely beautiful adult coloring book ..

$9.53 US

Sacred Angels Coloring Book

Part of the "Coloring Books for the Soul" series, a heavenly adult coloring book packed with or..

$9.53 US

Prayer for World Peace - Jane Goodall

A universal message of hope and serenity among all of Earth's inhabitants Jane Goodall is a ..

$13.72 US

The Practical Witches Box Set - Cerridwen Greenleaf

Invoke wealth, health, and love with this boxed set of 3 mystical miniature books: Witches' Spell B..

$14.87 US

Oracle Card Companion - Victoria Maxwell

An empowering and easy to use guide to understanding and mastering oracle card readings. Oracle..

$18.26 US

The Mystical Journaling Kit

Enchant your journaling practice with this essential collection of magical tools—including stam..

$14.11 US

Mug Blue Glaze Pentagram Cauldron

This Ceramic Blue Glaze Cauldron Mug features a raised Triple Moon Pentagram Symbol.  The perfe..

$12.58 US

Magical Spirit Oracle - Alexis Rakun

A divination tool to deepen your connection with your own magic and Spirit There is a profound mag..

$26.65 US

Magic Spells Coloring Book

Immerse yourself in spell-binding magic with The Magic Spells Coloring Book, with images to color-i..

$12.92 US

The Little Book for Modern Witches - Astrid Carvel

A beautifully illustrated guide to modern witchcraft. From the history to the fundamentals of s..

$9.90 US

Essential Book of Druidry - Maria Ede-Weaving

This beautiful, gold-embossed hardback introduces the ancient tradition of Druidry and its modern d..

$12.92 US

Earth & Bone Oracle - Sirian Shadow

The combination of the illustrated skulls and nature is both beautiful and somber, highlighting the ..

$26.65 US

Crystalpedia - Athena Perrakis

Discover the healing power of more than 180 crystals in this ultimate guide to mineral magic. Crysta..

$28.21 US

Creative Haven Witchcraft Coloring Book

Enter the realm of magic and mysticism with this enchanting coloring book. Thirty-one captivating il..

$7.24 US

Book of Practical Witchcraft - Pamela Ball

Readers can become competent, confident spell-workers with this practical guide to witchcraft. Cont..

$12.92 US

Labradorite Pendulum

Pendulums can be used successfully to balance the chakras or the entire energetic system during ener..

$6.82 US

Crystal Bracelet, Faceted - Select Yours

These crystal bracelets normally retail at $16.95 or higher, but we were given a wonderful deal on..

$10.64 US

Nundoorite Specimens

Nundoorite is a rare mineral formed by the combination of green Aegirine and brown Orthoclase. It wa..

$6.82 US