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Cat's Claw Bark, 1oz -20%

Cat's Claw Bark, 1oz

This herbal treatment, known in Latin as Uncaria Tomentosa, is named after the hook-like horns that ..

$3.41 US $2.72 US

Arnica, Whole Flowers, 1 oz -20%

Arnica, Whole Flowers, 1 oz

Arnica flower whole also known as Heterotheca inuloides, native to Mexico. The flowers have been use..

$1.89 US $1.51 US

Resin Incense: Gum Arabic

Known for thousands of years as a great ingredient for binding other ingredients together, Arabic Gu..

$2.23 US

Celtic Dragon Amulet

Representing the raw, elemental power of nature dragons are frequently revered within Celtic myth as..

$7.19 US

Morning Star Incense: Rose

For hundreds of years Nippon Kodo has been producing Incense. Nippon Kodo's Morning Star Incense is ..

$4.50 US

Black Onyx Pendulum

A beautiful Black Onyx stone suspended on a silver chain.  Black Onyx is a stone of protection ..

$7.53 US

Scrollwork Pentacle Ring

At 5/8" wide, this sterling band demands attention.  A beautiful testament to the Wiccan faith,..

$46.89 US

Chakra Bible

This comprehensive introduction to chakras features all of the seven major energy centers of the bod..

$20.40 US

Blessed Herbal Candle - Needed Change/Banish

A creamy candle with a heavy sandalwood blend. 1.5 x 7 pillar with a 40 hour burn time.NOTE: There a..

$17.60 US

Affirmation Candle - Home Blessing

A Redwood color candle scented with Warm Rose & Myrrh.Your home is your sanctuary and the place ..

$15.52 US

Blessed Herbal Candle - Spiritual Cleansing

An all white candle with a lemongrass, sage and cypress blend. 1.5 x 7 pillar with a 40 hour burn ti..

$17.60 US

Blessed Herbal Candle - Protection

A deep myrrh blend of essential oils in a midnight black candle. 1.5 x 7 pillar with a 40 hour burn ..

$17.60 US

Blessed Herbal Candle - Love's Enchantment

An enticing burgundy color with a spicy jasmine blend of oils. 1.5 x 7 pillar with a 40 hour burn ti..

$17.60 US

Blessed Herbal Candle - Inner Balance

A light blue candle infused with cedar, sage and jasmine oils. 1.5 x 7 pillar with a 40 hour burn ti..

$17.60 US

Blessed Herbal Candle - Happy Home

Warm Rose & Myrrh Blend - Create your own environment that is warm and inviting, or bless other ..

$17.60 US

Affirmation Candle - Prosperity

A Clover Green candle kissed with the essences of Bergamot and Clove. 2"x4" pillar with a 40 hour bu..

$15.52 US

Affirmation Candle - Goddess

An earthen brown candle with a scent of woodsy patchouli, 2"x 4" pillar with a 40 hour burn time. Th..

$15.52 US

Affirmation Candle - Healing

A Royal Purple Candle embodied with Honeysuckle & Cedar.When faced with the challenge of healing..

$15.52 US

Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Cards

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid is a 52-card divination system—an inspiratio..

$24.21 US

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Deck

Mystics have passed down stories of magical realms hidden from mortal sight, bridging the worlds of ..

$21.94 US