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Pink Rose Petals, 1 oz

Rose petals have been used throughout the history of man, both in decoration and in spiritual ritual..

$4.17 US

Mistletoe, 1oz

Mistletoe also known as Viscom Album, a member of the sandalwood family. Used traditionally as a dec..

$3.41 US

Jezebel Root, 1oz

Jezebel root is perhaps most commonly known to Hoodoo and other pagan and occult tradition. Reported..

$2.65 US

Horehound, 1 oz

Horehound or Marrubium Vulgare also known as White Horehound, originating in Europe. Used for Centur..

$2.65 US

Damiana Leaf, 1 oz

Damiana leaf or known as Turnera Diffusa, Mexican Damiana, Herba de la Pastora or Old Woman's Broom ..

$3.41 US

Charcoal Tong: Pentacle

These tongs are the perfect way to tend to your charcoal and burning incense during your rituals in ..

$4.17 US

Dragon's Blood Incense Sticks, Kamini, 20 gram

An ancient incense used for love, protection and exorcising negative energies. This powerful cleansi..

$1.48 US

Tumbled Gemstone Bracelet: Goldstone

These bracelets are a great seller for a reason; gorgeous gemstones, stretchy so they fit anyone, an..

$7.54 US

Celtic Floral Triquetra Cloth

Creating an elaborate display of Celtic imagery blended in with the yellow, green and blue flowers s..

$26.48 US

White Willow Bark, 1 oz

White Willow Bark also known as Salix Alba or European Willow. Used extensively by Native Americans ..

$2.65 US

Copper Offering Bowl, Dragon, 3"

Sculpted of copper, this offering bowl is a beautiful addition to your altar or sacred space. With a..

$10.23 US

Witches Brew Candle: Witches Purse

Fill your pockets with the blessing of many riches. Bergamot and Date invite in the sweetness of..

$26.48 US

Hoodoo Candle: Money Draw

A rich green colored pillar candle created with oils, herbs and resins that are said to help draw in..

$15.53 US

Treasures Of The Unicorn - Ted Andrews

In this revision of Ted's critically acclaimed book, TREASURES OF THE UNICORN, Ted opens the world o..

$15.87 US

Tarot For The Green Witch - Moura

Written by the popular author of the Green Witchcraft series, the techniques presented in this book ..

$18.15 US

Lemon Balm (Melissa) 1 oz

Lemon Balm or Melissa Officinals also known as Sweet Melissa, originating in Europe. This herb was d..

$3.41 US

Cat's Claw Bark, 1oz

This herbal treatment, known in Latin as Uncaria Tomentosa, is named after the hook-like horns that ..

$3.41 US

Resin Incense: Gum Arabic

Known for thousands of years as a great ingredient for binding other ingredients together, Arabic Gu..

$2.24 US

Celtic Dragon Amulet

Representing the raw, elemental power of nature dragons are frequently revered within Celtic myth as..

$7.20 US

Morning Star Incense: Cedarwood

For hundreds of years Nippon Kodo has been producing Incense. Nippon Kodo's Morning Star Incense is ..

$4.36 US

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