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Mini Candle - Red

These mini chime candles are great because they are small enough that they don't take up much space ..


Triquetra Pendant, Sterling

This pendant measure approx. 3/4", and is a wonderful sterling piece you'll want to wear again and a..


Triple Goddess Moonstone Pendant

A gorgeous sterling silver pentacle pendant with shimmering Moonstone cabachon center.  Approx. 3/..


Altar Cloth: Nile Goddess -20%

Altar Cloth: Nile Goddess

Here you will find the Nile Moon Goddess portrayed lovingly on this 3` by 3` square of cloth, that c..

$41.42US $33.13US

Goldstone, Blue

Goldstone: is a man-made stone originally created when alchemists were working towards creating gold..


Calcite, Tumbled (Pink Mangano)

Pink Calcite: (Pink Mangano) A stone of gentle healing, love, compassion, friendship.  Sometime..


Blue Lace Agate, Tumbled

Blue Lace Agate is a calming gem that promotes tranquility and peace.  We have found that child..


Rhodocrosite, Tumbled

Pink Rhodochrosite is a strong stone to aid emotional healing. It encourages you to feel love for yo..


Magical Herbalism - Cunningham

Natural magic utilizes the world around us for magical purposes. Herbs are one of the most important..


Patchouli Incense Sticks, 8 grams

Patchouli is a classic scent that most everyone loves.  It's a deep, woodsy scent that creates ..


Titania - Ruth Thompson

Measuring approx. 7.5" tall, this fairy is a larger collectible piece.  She is hand painted and..


Myrrh Incense Sticks, 8 gram

Myrrh is a timeless scent and has been used for thousands of years in ceremonial rites.  A deep..


Frankincense Stick Incense, 8 gram

Frankincense is a classic scent, one of the original gifts presented to baby Jesus.  Frankincen..


Acrylic Sphere Stand, 35-50mm

These clear acrylic rings are great for displaying spheres without taking away from the beauty of th..


Return To Fairyopolis - Warne

In this follow up to the hugely successful Fairyopolis (the New York Times bestseller), our narrator..


Tangerine Aura Pendulum

Use Tangerine Aura's energies to activate the Sacral Chakra, allowing one to feel more at home in on..


Firefly Fairy Pendant, White Bronze

A very attractive and elegant piece fairy pendant. Just Like Silver is a White Bronze base..


Pentacle Altar Tile, Soapstone -15%

Pentacle Altar Tile, Soapstone

This enchantingly crafted altar tile, carved of soapstone, offers the design of a Pentagram on its s..

$3.09US $2.63US

Yellow Obsidian, Tumbled

Yellow Obsidian is great for use in Totem animal magic and animal healing.  It is said to be he..


Green Obsidian, Tumbled

Green Obsidian balances the heart chakra and helps disconnect any bond others have put upon you, and..


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