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Turquoise, Peruvian, Tumbled

Peruvian Turquoise is the trade name given to rare and brightly coloured aqua Chrysocolla. Peruvia..

$4.16 US

Peach Scolecite Specimen

Scolecite is a mineral belonging to the zeolite group. It is a hydrated calcium silicate, that forms..

$8.29 US

Prasiolite, Tumbled, Gem Grade

Prasiolite (also called Vermarine, Green Amethyst or Greened Amethyst) helps to energetically link..

$0.95 US

Golden Chalcopyrite Specimen

These beautiful pieces of smoothed golden coloured copper iron sulphide is found in Peru. When oxidi..

$8.70 US

Blue Chalcedony, Tumbled (pack of 6, small)

Blue Chalcedony encourages harmony, enthusiasm and good-will. It is a nurturing stone that absorbs n..

$0.95 US

Quartz Crystal Tumbled Bracelet

This bracelet is made of clear quartz, believed to heal and cleanse the body and spirit. Each bead h..

$6.02 US

Lepidolite Heart Pendant

Lepidolite is not technically a gemstone, but a very beautiful purplish type of hard mica. It is r..

$6.77 US

Pink Agate Om Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful polished Pink Agate with small OM symbol bale. Approximately 2.5 cm long. Chain sold sep..

$15.10 US

Malachite Sea Turtle Pendant, Sterling

Malachite has wonderful healing properties and its beauty may inspire you in a variety of ways.&nb..

$25.35 US

Malachite Eagle Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful Eagle cast in sterling silver atop a polished piece of genuine Malachite. This is a stun..

$23.84 US

Moon Phase Pentacle, Sterling

A unique pendant cast in sterling silver with black and white enamel inset to represent the moon pha..

$37.80 US

Hamsa Hand Amethyst Pendant

Sterling silver, faceted Amethyst. 3.5 cm long. Chain sold separately.Amethyst is a meditation gem, ..

$23.84 US

Snowflake Obsidian Turtle Pendant

A unique Turtle Shell pendant featuring a Snowflake Obsidian stone as the shell. Sterling silver. 1"..

$22.67 US

Turtle Earrings, Amethyst - Sterling

Beautiful little turtle earrings crafted of sterling silver and faceted Amethyst crystal.2 cm long. ..

$37.80 US

Burmese Jade Buddha Necklace

Burmese Jade (Jadeite) is considered the most beautiful Jade in the world. This Buddha was crafted o..

$21.15 US

Rose Quartz Bead Necklace

This beautiful necklace been special crafted with genuine Rose Quartz crystal beads (6mm). Rose quar..

$13.24 US

Turquoise Howlite Bead Chain

This beautiful dainty Turquoise Howlite (Turquenite) chain has been special crafted with small facet..

$10.56 US

Celtic Moon Ring, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver Celtic Moon design set in sterling silver. ..

$13.59 US

Celtic Night Pentagram Ring, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver Celtic Pentagram design set in sterling silver. ..

$13.59 US

Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet

A simple and elegant wrap bracelet featuring a single evil eye charm. Adjustable.Silver-tone alloy.E..

$6.77 US