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Powder Incense: Frankincense

Frankincense incense powder is traditionally used for purifying a space or object. As the resin is..

$4.67 US

Powder Incense: Patchouli

Flash back to the 60's with this classic incense. A fine incense powder crafted of real Patchouli, a..

$4.67 US

Powder Incense: Sandalwood

Focus the mind and bring about a peaceful atmosphere with this fine sandalwood incense. This incense..

$4.67 US

Powder incense: Myrrh

Myrrh is a timeless incense that has been burned for centuries to help create a spiritual and medita..

$4.67 US

Powder Incense: Healing Lavender

Relax and let the healing power of lavender do its thing, great for relaxing and relieving stress. T..

$4.67 US

Powder Incense: Prosperity

Attain wealth and prosperity by focusing your positive energy with the help of prosperity incense. T..

$4.67 US

Powder Incense: Protection

A beautiful blend of rich aromatic resins, florals, herbs and oils.  This incense was hand-blen..

$4.67 US

Powder Incense: Dragon's Blood

Dragons Blood is traditionally burned for love, protection, courage, strength, and to enhance the po..

$4.67 US

Powder Incense: White Sage

Traditionally used by native Americans to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. The fragran..

$4.67 US

Earth Mother Pennant / Flag

A beautiful rayon batik flag featuring a nuturing and loving Earth Mother with the world in her embr..

$15.65 US

Bright Blessings Wood Finish

Welcome your guests with this cheerful open hearted phrase. May the Goddess bless you with all thing..

$39.21 US

Sun God Back Pack / Bag

Large sling-style backpack made of extra thick cotton. It has one large compartment, and you can clo..

$11.73 US

Rose Quartz & Tourmaline Sphere Pendulum

This Sphere Pendulum is made from glass in which Rose Quartz and a Tourmaline mix has been added in ..

$11.73 US

Nitiraj Incense - Goddess

Exotic aroma of wild flowers in honor of Tara, the female embodiment of the Buddha, protecting and c..

$4.59 US

Nitiraj Incense - White Sage

Traditionally used by native Americans to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. The fragrance..

$4.59 US

Nitiraj Incense - Sandalwood

Indian sandalwood with its uniquely sweet, woodsy fragrance transports you to the temples of India..

$4.59 US

Nitiraj Incense - Prosperity

This slow burning incense is made using the finest natural resins, honey and aromatic wood powders. ..

$4.59 US

Nitiraj Incense - Patchouli

The aroma that defined the 60's also known as the hippie fragrance with its musky sweet notes. Nitir..

$4.59 US

Nitiraj Incense - Om

The sacred Om symbol represents the sound vibration that created the universe. The ancient Sanskrit ..

$4.59 US

Nitiraj Incense - Nirvana

Transcend the physical plane and reach Nirvana, a state free from desires and suffering. Advance on ..

$4.59 US

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