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Morning Star Incense: Palo Santo

Step into the mystical world of Morning Star Palo Santo Incense, where the purifying and uplifting a..

$5.95 CAD

The Wiccan Guide to Self-care - Marie Bruce

Self-care has become increasingly popular as people recognize the importance of prioritizing their o..

$16.95 CAD

Wise Cat Tarot - Stella Andromeda

Wise Cat Tarot is a 78-card deck and guide that taps into formidable feline energy to enhance the wi..

$44.99 CAD

Yuletide Tarot

Keep the childlike wonder of midwinter burning brightly with the help of this festive deck. Featurin..

$45.99 CAD

Sapphire Chip Stones, Raw, 1 oz

Natural raw chip stones of Sapphire.These sweet little chip stones are versatile in your crafts, hea..

$4.85 CAD

Blue Moonstone, Tumbled

These beautiful tumbled pieces of Blue Moonstone feature a crystalline cream white colors and black ..

$2.75 CAD

Triple Moon Stone Sign

Crafted with natural stone, this 4" x 12" wall hanging makes the perfect accent to any home. The d..

$29.95 CAD

Goddess Auset (Isis) Egyptian Pendant

Wear this timeless and beautiful pendant made of .925 sterling silver with golden vermeille. Mother ..

$32.95 CAD

Frigg Statue, Volcanic Stone

Frigg is the Queen of Asgard and the highest of the goddesses. Her home is called Fensalir, which me..

$39.95 CAD

Loki Statue, Volcanic Stone

In Norse mythology Loki is a cunning trickster who has the ability to change his shape and sex. Alth..

$39.95 CAD

Angel Of Love

We could all use more love in our lives, and to know we aren't alone. This angel is a beautiful re..

$12.95 CAD

Moon Phases Long Hanging

Inspire conversations with this stunning 36" Glass & Metal Hanging String with Bell. With a 5...

$43.95 CAD

Chakra Moon Phase Hanging

This beautiful hanging features the many moon phases set in colorful Chakra themed metal shapes that..

$71.95 CAD

Crescent Moon Hanging

A beautiful webbed crescent moon with unique beads and feathers. Measures approximately 3" wide x 17..

$24.95 CAD

Stag Moon Phase Drum

The Stag Moon Phase Drum, made with goat hide and wood frame, is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship..

$119.95 CAD

Goddess Of Protection Statue

Crafted of gypsum this beautiful Goddess statue will add a touch of the divine to your altar top. Th..

$17.50 CAD

Tiger Eye Turtle

Cute little turtles to add to your crystal collection. Carved of Tiger Eye and measuring approximate..

$14.50 CAD

Tiger Eye Pebble

Beautiful larger sized tumbled Tiger Eye. These pebbles make great holding crystals for meditation a..

$4.50 CAD

Tiger Eye Elephant

Sweet little hand carved Tiger Eye elephants. No two are ever the same as they are totally hand-carv..

$14.50 CAD

Nephrite Jade Free Form Specimen

Beautiful Nephrite Jade polished standing pieces are each unique in their own way. We'll choose one ..

$33.95 CAD