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Sodalite Stone Bracelet

This bracelet is crafted with genuine 10 mm Sodalite gemstone beads and is fully adjustable to fit m..

$11.97 US

Black Onyx Bracelet

A beautiful, elegant and simple stretchy bracelet crafted of Black Onyx. Black Onyx enhances stead..

$5.97 US

Spell Bottle: Good Luck -15%

Spell Bottle: Good Luck

Carry this little spell bottle to help guide you on life's journey. A special selected combination..

$7.13 US $6.06 US

Brass Stand For Scrying Mirrors, Small Art Canvases, Tarot Cards and more!

Support your scrying mirror, small artworks, Tarot card of the day or anything else you'd like to pr..

$12.73 US

Witchcraft, Guide to Magic , Spells, & Potions (Spell Card Set)

We all need a little magic in our lives. This all-in-one kit includes a 64-page witchcraft guide t..

$26.24 US

Pendulum Magic Kit -10%

Pendulum Magic Kit

The A Beginner's Guide to Pendulum Magic Kit includes all the information and tools you need to di..

$26.99 US $24.29 US

Rune Magic Kit

Derived from an old Germanic word meaning "whisper, secret, or mystery," runes were the alphabetic..

$31.49 US

Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet (Light)

This beautiful bracelet features pale lavender colored amethyst tumble beads that are each unique. T..

$8.63 US

Celtic Triskelle Bracelet, Emerald & Tourmaline

A beautiful Celtic spiral Triskelle charm on a bracelet crafted of genuine green Emerald and Black T..

$9.72 US

Jet Stone Bracelet

This beautiful adjustable bracelet features 8mm Jet beads with an easy to adjust band and smaller Je..

$11.97 US

Phantom Quartz Crystal Bracelet

Phantom Quartz is given the name due to the natural "ghost" shapes that appear within them. Each sma..

$8.63 US

Ruby Zoisite & Garnet Dragon Bracelet

This Ruby Zoisite and Garnet bracelet is highlighted with faceted cubic zirconia spacer beads and ac..

$9.72 US

Votive Candle: Stress Relief

This beautiful two toned candle is scented with natural Lavender oil, which is perfect for relaxatio..

$3.72 US

Variscite Crystal Bracelet

Variscite beaded bracelet beaming with great colors and energy. Variscite may assist with groundin..

$27.74 US

Quartz & Terahertz Crystal Bracelet

Terahertz Clear Quartz crystal bracelets are crafted from top quality 6mm and 8mm beads. Terahertz ..

$11.97 US

Moss Agate Bracelet

Moss Agate beaded bracelet packed with good energy. The properties of Moss Agate resonate with ear..

$7.47 US

Jade Bracelet, Adjustable

Adjustable Chinese Jade beaded bracelet. Chinese Jade is a protective crystal that helps bring har..

$10.89 US

Peridot Crystal Nugget Bracelet

A powerful Peridot nugget beaded bracelet. Wearing Peridot may promote healing within, attract lov..

$9.72 US

Strawberry Quartz Bracelet

Strawberry Quartz is a lovely crystal to wear and to work with daily. With strong connection to th..

$7.47 US

Black Agate Pentacle Tile -10%

Black Agate Pentacle Tile

Black Agate Coaster/Altar Tile - Celtic Pentagram 3" . Coaster, Charging Plate or Altar Tile.Black..

$11.22 US $10.10 US

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