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Moss Agate Pyramid

A great way to add the mystical and healing energy of Amethyst to your Green Moss Agate: Enhances co..

$15.32 US

Mini Amethyst Pyramid

These sweet little Amethyst pyramids make great additions to your healing grids and layouts. They're..

$5.76 US

Angel Aura Quartz Palm Stone

These beautiful fully polished rainbow aura crystal quartz smooth stones measures approximately 1.3"..

$3.46 US

Smooth Stone, Assorted

These highly polished and very smooth stones make a wonderful pocket companion for use during stress..

$1.92 US

Pyramid Point Pendulum

These unique pendulums are formed of a crystal point and corresponding pyramid. They are set in a si..

$13.79 US

Chakra Orgonite Pendulums

These unique Chakra Orgonite Pendulums come in seven chakra colors. The gemstone chips on the chain ..

$9.60 US

Flower Of Life Gemstone Necklace

This beautiful Flower of Life necklace measure approximately 18" long. Each necklace has a 1" silver..

$13.02 US

Blue Goldstone Heart

Goldstone: is a man-made stone originally created when alchemists were working towards creating gold..

$9.18 US

Tree Of Life Crystal Pendant

These Tree of Life pendants measure approximately 2.5" from the top of the swinging bail to the bott..

$6.11 US

Gemstone Pentagram Pendulum

This Chakra Changeable Pendulum Set consists of seven chakra spheres which measure approximately 15m..

$24.54 US

Nine Pyramid Quartz Necklace

A unique and beautiful necklace, the quartz crystal nine-pyramid glistens in the light and measures ..

$19.16 US

Black Onyx Raven Statue

These beautifully carved black onyx ravens measure approximately 3" to 3.5" tall. Black Onyx: P..

$15.32 US

Chakra Wrapped Tree Crystal Pendant

These unique Chakra wire wrapped Tree of Life crystal pendants measure 2.5" from the top of the bail..

$9.95 US

Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant

High quality silver-tone wrapped crystal pendants.These flat point pendants measure approximately 2...

$9.18 US

Silver Sheen Obsidian Free Form

Silver Sheen Obsidian, like other varieties of Obsidian, are good for clearing negative energies and..

$21.47 US

Aqua Aura Pendant

A glimmering Aqua Aura double terminated point pendant.  Aqua Aura is a clear quartz with metal..

$12.25 US

Plastic Roller Bottle

10 ml Clear Plastic Rollerball Bottle with White Cap is an elegant roller ball container, perfect fo..

$0.58 US

Spray Bottle, 8oz Oval

8 oz clear oval spray bottle with mister.These wonderful spray bottles are a professional and stylis..

$1.15 US

1oz Mister Bottle, Black

This bottle with mister is an attractive way to package sample or travel sizes of various products. ..

$0.73 US

Clear Glass Roller Bottle, White Top

10 ml Clear Glass Rollerball Bottle with White Cap is an elegant roller ball container, perfect for ..

$1.11 US

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