I Am Sacred - Oracle - Demo

I Am Sacred - Oracle - Demo

The I AM Sacred Affirmation deck consists of 52 cards incorporating sacred geometry within the affirmations.

*DEMO DECK - was opened once. Reduced from $34.95 to $29.95

This deck is about inviting your intuition to welcome the vibration that you are, and always will be, sacred. The messages offer us a divine opportunity, to connect spiritually to our self. When we tap into what is already within us, our sacred vibration connects to our cellular memory in a creative and empowering way. 

Guide book by author Debbie A. Anderson and artwork & illustrations by artist Aaron Pyne.

About the Cards

Here are just a few ways in which to use the I AM SACRED Affirmation Cards:

Quick Draw:  Just shuffle the deck and pull a card for the day... for the moment... for direction.

Meditate: Yes, you can!  Shuffle the deck and pull a card. 

Ask Questions:  Yes, ask your higher self for direction, for guidance and for manifesting.  Shuffle, focus on your intention and pull a card.

You have 52 empowering opportunities within this deck, so you WILL pull or draw the card that you need to embrace on every vibrational frequency. 

The cards are  3" x 5" each in size and they come with a interpretation Guide Book.

BONUS! Your card deck will include an extra card, autographed by Debbie herself! 

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