Spell Working Feathers, Assorted Colors

Feathers, Various Colors

These feathers can be used for many things, such as smudging, crafts, or sharpen the end a bit and use as a pen for your magickal grimoire or journal (we also sell inks).  We've had customer purchase various colors, and tie the feathers together to create a handle, thus creating their own magickal smudging feather wand.  Some people just love to have feathers on their altar for magickal workings.  The uses are endless.  These are naturally shed Turkey feathers that have been dyed (the white are natural). Approximately 10" to 12".

Note: These are naturally fallen, found Turkey feathers that have been collected ethically. They are dyed using a natural process with food colorings and cosmetic grade colorants. Some are rough around the edges, and they will not be perfect. They were found in nature, and thus, will have natural flaws that make them unique.

Black: Protection, The New Moon, Magick, Divination

White: Purity, Peace, Clarity, Angels

Blue: Healing, Archangel Michael, Courage, Strength

Green: Healing, Archangel Raphael, Healing, Prosperity, Abundance

Purple: Spirit, Magick, Divination, Shamanism, Astrology workings

Pink: Mend friendships, broken hearts, and strengthen love *note: latest shipment is more of a fushia pink

Red: Fire, Passion, Courage, Strength, Determination, Motivation, Sex




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