Stationery & Writing

Stationery & Writing

Parchment, inks, quills, wax seals, stickers and other interesting stationery items.

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Dragon Stickers

Exciting mini-collection contains 20 full-color peel-and-apply illustrations of fanciful beasts with..

$2.27 US

Dragon's Blood Ink

Dragon’s Blood ink is intended as a potent magical ink to be used in inscribing spells, words of pow..

$4.53 US

Glitter Dragon Stickers

These awesome mythical beasts with widespread wings, long tails, sharp claws, and scaly skin glisten..

$2.27 US

Glitter Fairies Stickers

Twelvedemure, winged beauties, enhanced with a magical glow, rest on a lily pad, nestle in garden fl..

$2.27 US

Glitter Unicorn Stickers

Nine sparkling stickers show a unicorn prancing along a rainbow’s path, rearing up on its hind legs,..

$2.27 US

Parchment Paper, Single, 8 1/2" x 11"

This light parchment paper is perfect when you wish to craft written magick but need to be able to ..

$0.82 US

Parchment Paper, Single, Heavy Stock

Single Sheet. High quality paper. Used as a magical writing paper, unbleached and untouched by artif..

$0.82 US

Practical Magic Notebooks

Drawing on the full-color watercolor illustrations of Practical Magic, this charming set of 3 blank ..

$13.97 US

Practical Magic Notecards

Drawing on the full-color watercolor illustrations of Practical Magic, this set of exquisite notecar..

$17.30 US

Spell Working Feathers, Assorted Colors

These feathers can be used for many things, such as smudging, crafts, or sharpen the end a bit and u..

$1.44 US

Stacking Stones, Eraser Set

Making mistakes has never been so zen! Inspired by the meditative practice of stacking stones, these..

$18.55 US

Bumper Sticker: Magic Happens

A bright, cheerful bumper sticker.  (2.75"x 11")..

$3.30 US

Bumper Sticker: Namaste

A bumper sticker with the word "Namaste", which means - "The light and love within me honors the lig..

$3.30 US

Bumper Sticker: Peace

Wish everyone on the road a PEACE-ful drive.  (2.75"x 11")..

$3.30 US

Celtic Seal Set - Celtic Nations

Celtic nations seal wood handle – pewter seal with Celtic knot design. Gives an embossed image when ..

$35.41 US

Celtic Seal Set - Lugh's Knot

Lugh's knot seal – pewter seal with Celtic Lugh’s knot design. Gives an embossed image of a Lugh’s k..

$35.41 US

Parchment Paper Pack, 2" x 2 1/2"

This lightweight parchment-style paper is perfect for your written magic. 2” x 2 1/2” - a great size..

$1.44 US

Sweet Talk Alchemy Ink

A 1 oz bottle of magical ink purpose blended for use in all of your love, lust, sexual, attraction a..

$11.50 US

Triple Goddess Wax Stationery Set

Hand written letters are a powerful way to communicate your heartfelt thoughts and feelings; and l..

$24.69 US

Window Sticker: Ancient Wisdom

2-Sided Window Stickers in beautiful translucent colors.Peel-and-stick adhesive style backing.Apply ..

$4.08 US

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