Blue Floral Unicorn Bank

Blue Floral Unicorn Bank

If your little prince or princess wants to save up some money to buy their own unicorn, why not let them put some money into this Unicorn Bank? Saving money is a good lesson for them to learn and this money bank is so cute. Made of cold cast resin, this money bank is painted with various shades of blue, green and yellow to resemble a majestic unicorn. Its blue mane curls as it flows down the unicorns neck and features a slot for the insertion of money. A small closure piece allows for its retrieval at your leisure. Perfect for unicorn and fantasy lovers of all ages, this unicorn money bank makes a great gift or decoration!

-Lightweight resin cold cast 
-Holds a large amount of change and other small trinkets
-Beautifully painted
-Great for personal use or as a special gift
-6 x 5 x 4 inches

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