Celtic Seal Set - Lugh's Knot

Celtic Seal Set - Lugh's Knot

Lugh's knot seal – pewter seal with Celtic Lugh’s knot design. Gives an embossed image of a Lugh’s knot when pressed into warm wax. Supplied with 1 stick of red sealing wax.

The principle use of sealing wax is to ensure security of documents but it is also a means of adding your personal touch to letters and gifts.
A high quality wax is essential and the crucial test of quality is that it should be impossible to remove the seal without tearing the paper.

Lugh was the most honoured of the Irish gods.
He was renowned for his multitude of talents and skills.

Seal diameter: 23mm Height: 71mm

Supplied in a satin-lined gift box.


Lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer in Cornwall, UK.  Information included with your piece. 

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