Craft Besom Brooms, For Your Witchy Crafts

Craft Besom Brooms, For Your Witchy Crafts

We have some great undecorated besom brooms for your witchy crafts this Yule, and into 2021. Decorate these the way you'd like with ribbons, charms, etc... they make wonderful gifts. Besom brooms have been traditionally given as gifts of good fortune, good health, longevity and new beginnings. Hang one by the door to represent sweeping out the old, and welcoming in the new. Make these besoms your very own, and create your own magickal mini altar besom for your own magickal needs. And, they work as actual mini brooms for sweeping.

Tiny ones are approximately 2 3/4" (have orange threading)

Small thin ones are approximately 6 1/4" (have green threading)

Fan style mini besoms are approximately 7" 

Larger size measure approximately 24" (bamboo handle)

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