Beltane Sabbat Ritual Kit

-25% Beltane Sabbat Ritual Kit

Beltane Sabbat Ritual Kit 

The LAST two kits in stock that will contain these items, as we'll be changing the Sabbat kits for 2018.  

This Magical Blend Sabbat Ritual Kit was designed to be used as part of a yearly Sabbat ritual. The supplies contained within this kit were carefully selected and combined to provide you with a set of ritual components to enhance your experience through sight, smell, and taste.

The Beltane Sabbat Ritual Kit enables you to bring in the energies of May Day. Beltane is a holiday closely linked with passion, fertility, and celebration.

This kit includes:

-Beltane Ritual Oil

-Beltane Resin Incense

-Beltane Tea

-Beltane Sabbat Candle (1)

-3 Tabs of Charcoal

-A detailed write-up of how to perform a Beltane Sabbat ritual

-A pamphlet describing the Sabbat and its correspondences

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