VibesUp - Roll On Oil: Lotus, for Happiness

VibesUp - Roll On Oil: Lotus, for Happiness

Lotus Roll On - 4.5ml

Be in the FLOW...Let it ROLL!

Tiny specially coated garnet gemstones in the bottom of this roller will keep the oil blend energetically charged, like little natural batteries! The higher the Vibrational Frequency of an Oil the higher is quality and ability to work with you on an energetic and therapeutic level. Tested and proven to POWERFULLY raise the Vibration of anything it is near. Plant and flower energies can be compromised not only by time, method of processing but all Liquids are effected by wifi and electronic pollutants in the air as well. Your Liquid Lotus Bottle has its own Natural Batteries that keep clearing this energy away as it recharges to be exactly the Pure Lotus Frequency.

ABOUT LOTUS - Happiness in Bottle - The most expensive and sacred oil in the world.

The ecstasy Oil for Ancient Egyptians and also known for building confidence and self esteem. Lotus is the oil of NOW, keeping us in the moment rather than upset over the past or future. Tuned to the crown chakra for opening our awareness. Lotus oil is also known as a powerful overall Health Helper and it unconsciously encourages deep breathing which increases oxygen and overall well being.

Lotus does much more than we can list!

LOTUS precious that Tut was buried with it...
Buddha slept on it ...

Now you can enjoy it in your everyday life!

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