VibesUp - Peppermint Oil

-76% VibesUp - Peppermint Oil

VibesUp Peppermint Oil - REFRESHING - UPLIFTING

Clarity in a Bottle. An oil for clarity, health and soothing.  15ml.

This oil is published and known for its abilities to be helpful in the areas of mental clarity, ease of breathing, thinking and can be used as a hand cleaner. Also published and known for fresh up breath and hands, nausia, perk up the senses, congestion, headache, muscle and PMS.

Oils w/ Mini Computers inside? Can Help All Essential Oil Brands be: Stronger, Smarter, Safer & Stay Specific.

Enhancing your oils to delightful new heights while increasing their ability to work with YOU on a THERAPUTIC level.
New Product Launch! Evolved SuperPower Delivery of Essential Oils!

All essential oils can now become superpower oils! Whether you already love your brand or want to explore ours, either way this 'natural technology' delivery, helps the whole Essential Oil industry take a profound leap forward in the oils ability to work with us on a therapeutic level.

ESSENTIAL OILS are liquids and as the famous Japanese Scientist Dr. Emoto proved 'Liquids are powerfully influenced by energies around them including Electronics, Emotions, Cell Phone & WIFI Signals'.  A computer uses the TWO steps, INFORMATION and a RAY of energy, to imprint a movie onto a DVD. The bottom of this bottle is like a natural mini-computer containing the ability to produce those same two steps, constantly re- imprinting the Oil back to its original design and powering up its purpose with the same two step process as a computer:

Step One- INFORMATION (the oils own original & specific frequency)

Step Two- RAYS! Contains tiny quartz spheres that work like natural batteries producing Infrared RAY's of Natural energy that constantly pick up on the specific original information of the botanical and imprint it to the oils in the bottle constantly reminding them of their original purpose and much more!

This continual 2 step action helps your Oils be:

1. SPECIFIC- Continually resets the Oil back to its specific and powerful purpose

2. STRONGER- Raises the oils vibrational energy, literally RE-ENERGIZING them and increasing their power.

3. SMARTER- Increased Vibration can increase the oils intelligence and ability to work with us on a therapeutic level.

4. SAFER- Vibrational Protection can help keep your oils from being compromised by Electronics, Cell Phone & WIFI signals and even Toxic Emotions.

Enhance your oils to delightful new heights while increasing their ability to work with YOU on a THERAPUTIC level, raising the vibrations to help the oils be smarter, stay specific to their unique job and protects them from being effected by electronic or emotional toxins.

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