Evil Eye & Hand Of Fatima Hanging, Floral

Evil Eye & Hand Of Fatima Hanging, Floral

Evil eye talismans and charms are worn, hung in homes, and kept as travel tokens to ward off negative energy and lower vibrations. It is believed these charms can deflect any ill-will and evil intentions sent your way.  These glass charms are great for hanging in a car, home office, or sacred space. They can also be carried with you in your pocket.

This Amulet design originates from Turkey, where it was believed that when people looked at each other, they could transmit their bad energy with only one look. Wearing/carrying this Evil Eye Amulet can protect you from looks charged with envy, fear, resentment or other negative thought.

Often the "Fatima Hand" is decorated with an eye. It represents the eye that sees everything. The eye watches out for the person in possession of the "Fatima Hand" and warns about and protects against evil encounters.

8" long.

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