Echoes Of Autumn

Echoes Of Autumn
Two masters in their fields - renowned fantasy artist Nene Thomas and award-winning doll artist Cindy McClure - combine their exceptional talents to create this amazing Nene Thomas fantasy doll collection.

Available only from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, each fantasy doll in the collection is inspired by one of Nene Thomas's maiden paintings and fashioned of artist's resin, the perfect medium to capture every nuance of Cindy McClure's sculpting. Every maiden is beautifully costumed in luxurious fabrics and accented with sparkling faux jewels. The maidens' magnificent stallions look truly majestic with their regal poses, fancy bridles and reins, shining hooves and flowing manes and tails. Plus, both the horses and mystical companions are fully sculpted and enhanced with glitter and faux gems, and are removable.

Doll and horse are approximately 15" high.

©2013 The Ashton-Drake Galleries

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