Dream Catcher Art

Dream Catcher Art

The dream catchers we are offering here are art forms, crafted by various people from all walks of life. We do not claim they are completely traditional or authentically crafted by Indigenous peoples. Should someone wish to barter with us so we can obtain authentic First Nations crafted dream catchers, we would definitely welcome that. Please contact us if you craft these items.  If you're seeking authentic Indigenous crafts, please contact your local First Nations community center. They can point you in the right direction. 

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DreamCatching - Kaya Walker

Dreamcatchers have been part of many Native American cultures. This book explores Kaya Walker's visi..

$20.63 US

Chakra Dream Catcher Hanging

This dream catcher style wall hanging has been woven with cotton twine that matches the seven colors..

$23.81 US

Chakra Mobile Dream Catcher

Seven multi-colored dream catchers hang in ascending order on this chakra inspired mobile. Each drea..

$19.83 US

Dreamcatcher: Woven Rasta

Red, green, black and yellow have been woven into the web of this Rasta inspired dream catcher. Asso..

$19.83 US

Good Luck & Prosperity Dream Catcher

This unique dream catcher is the perfect size for hanging in your car or in smaller areas. The cente..

$19.83 US

Old Spirit Woven Dream Catcher

Our Old Spirit woven Dream catcher is crafted with faux suede, beads, ornaments and genuine feathers..

$19.04 US

Peace Chakra Dream Catcher

The Peace Chakra Dream Catcher is made of faux suede wrapped in alternating bands of chakra colors t..

$15.86 US

Tree Of Life Dream Catcher

This unique dream catcher will catch your eye because of its originality. The center piece is a beau..

$10.29 US

Triple Moon Dream Catcher

Black triple moon styled dream catcher decorated with feathers and beads. These are often hung abo..

$19.83 US

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