Dragons, Gargoyles, Griffins

Dragons, Gargoyles, Griffins

Dragons are more than mythical beings in storybooks and movies.  They are guardians of the watchtowers and elements, guides, wise ancient beings who many people resonate and connect with on a spiritual level.  Dragons are protectors, teachers, keepers of ancient knowledge.  There is a reason our company is called "Dragon Moon".  It is because we recognize the spiritual significance of the dragon throughout history, in every culture around the world. 

We also offer a selection of Gargoyle and Griffin themed items in this section, as we don't carry a lot of them, but they need a home in our shop as well.  

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Margarita Dragon

Margaritas are one of the best-known tropical cocktails. The dragon in the Margarita Dragon Statue l..

$53.01 US

Mead Dragon

One of the most common drinks for the Vikings was mead. Norse dragons love the honeyed drink too jus..

$48.60 US

Medieval Plush Dragon, Blue

-Adds a touch of whimsical fantasy to your home.-Measures approximately: L: 11" x W: 11" x H: 12 1/2..

$30.36 US

Midnight Dragon

The detail on this piece is remarkable.  We're so proud to offer this line of gift-ware, new to..

$53.16 US

Mini Dragon Figurine: Red

A red baby dragon for courage, success and determination.  Cast in resin and hand painted. ..

$4.52 US

Miniature Dragon Skull

This miniature model forms part of the sought after high quality resin collection by Alchemy. Each..

$11.36 US

Mojito Dragon Statue

In warm weather, many people enjoy drinking a mojito. That rum-based, Cuban mixed drink inspired the..

$53.01 US

Moon Fairy Statue

A serene scene plays out in the starlight. Two mythical beings soar above the clouds to perch happ..

$84.54 US

Morgan Theomachia Wall Mirror

As the ancient, feuding gods of Celt versus Saxon battle in the form of dragons, Arthur's half-siste..

$45.56 US

My Baby Dragon

A beautiful depiction of an enchanting fairy and her magickal baby dragon friend. Hand painted with ..

$58.48 US

Nesting Dragon Set

These unique nesting dragons are made of designer composite wood, hand painted and polished individu..

$15.92 US

Nether Blade Dragon Letter Opener

Nether dragons are mischievous, chaotic, evil creatures that take pleasure in stealing from you. Tha..

$53.01 US

Nether Blade Dragon Sword & Holder

This dragon doesn't want to give up his prize! The amazing wall art is based upon the word of Ruth T..

$335.85 US

Orange Jewel Dragon

This majestic dragon has been hand painted with beautiful orange and red hues.  This dragon has..

$14.06 US

Over The Door Dragon Plaque

This ornate dragon plaque looks stunning over an entry doorway, or anywhere you'd like to add a touc..

$90.39 US

Phineas The Dragon Hatchling

This cute little dragon has just hatched and is ready to add a touch of playful fantasy to your home..

$13.64 US

Phoenix Rising Statue

This highly detailed phoenix statue features a phoenix rising out of the flames. This statue is made..

$65.73 US

Pink Love Dragon

This sweet little pink dragon is adorable. When paired with the matching blue love dragon (sold sepa..

$21.24 US

Plush Dragon, Green

A sweet little plush dragon who will surely make someone smile. Crafted of soft materials with embro..

$5.28 US

Possibilities Dragon

Oh, the possibilities! This little colorful feather is contemplating what to do with his day. The dr..

$53.01 US

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