Enchantica: Sentry of Anconeus

Enchantica: Sentry of Anconeus

Anconeus, a fortress of formidableproportions, sits within the mountains bordering ‘The Great Forest of the North‘. In happier times it was a place that welcomed travellers and was a major trading point, being well positioned, as it was, on the spice route. Soaring towers (once whitewashed and visible for miles) and high battlements create a breathtaking profile against the setting sun, when approached from the East. Now, it is a place of corruption and dark whisperings. For its ruler, King Hadros has made far too many an enemy for it to be a place in which to linger. From lofty heights, where once a horn of welcome greeted approaching travellers, now come the bellows and caws of sentry dragons. Eyes that see all be it night or day, scan the surrounding land for any signs of approaching armies, or indeed, any escapees from Anconeus notorious, hellish dungeons. The thermal air currents at these heights bring a welcome relief from the icy winds that blow down from ‘The Roof of the World‘, many a sentry can be seen enjoying this respite with wings outstretched.

Height 26cm

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