Dragon Sandtimer

Dragon Sandtimer

As ancient beings that can live for eons, dragons make a suitable representative to symbolize the passing of time. The Double Dragons Sandtimer features a pair of dragons curled opposite each other around a sandtimer. Each dragon shows great detail in its scales, horns, and wings, appearing with excellent realism. The dragons are fixed between blocks carved with intricate designs, so this timer can easily rest on a flat surface. The sandtimer holds colored sand, which stands out vibrantly against the blackened dragons. Sand colors may vary. Crafted from hand-painted resin, this sandtimer offers a unique piece to decorate your home decor with a functional twist.

Measures 7" high.

Key Features:

  • Depicts two dragons curled to support a sandtimer
  • Features a functional sandtimer (approximately 5 minute)
  • Sand colors may vary
  • Crafted from resin
  • Features a hand-painted design
  • Makes an excellent gift or fine piece of decor

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