Dragon Claw Chalice

Dragon Claw Chalice

Serve up your favorite drinks the dragon way when you add the Dragon Claw Glass Chalice to your drinkware collection. This dragon glass has a cast resin stem and base shaped like a scaly dragon claw emerging from short waves. The cast resin stem and base have been painted by hand for a dark grey stone look. The four talons of the dragon claw appear to hold the glass in place. Whether hosting a medieval feast or simply enjoying fantasy style as part of an everyday meal, this fantasy glass goblet is a unique collectible, intriguing display piece, and a useful dragon-themed drinkware option.

Safe to use for drinking.  Hand painted for a dark grey stone look.  Made of high quality cold cast resin and glass.

Care Instructions: Hand wash only


Height: 6.6 Inches

Diameter: 2.4 Inches

Volume: 10 oz

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