LED Book Of Magic Figurine

LED Book Of Magic Figurine

A book of dark magic is very dangerous. The book that is shown in the Book of Magic LED Light is so dangerous that the witch shown on the cover of the book has a skull for a face! Do not try any spells from this glowing book! Made from a cold cast resin, this ancient looking tome is hand painted for incredibly high-quality detail. The book appears as though it is very old, and has been used many times. A black cat rests atop it as though it were the ideal spot for a nap. When the LED bulb within the book is illuminated, an eerie glow is cast out from the bats at the top and bottom of the cover and from behind the witchy skull. Great for use as a home, office, or seasonal decoration, this light up resin statue makes a unique gift for a special witch or Halloween lover in your life!

Approx Dims: 7" x 3 1/8" x 12 1/2"

Material: Cold Cast Resin

Description: Hand Painted

-LED light produces an eerie illumination
-Wonderful for home, office, or seasonal decor
-A great gift idea

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