Altar Cloths & Tiles

Altar Cloths & Tiles

An assortment of altar cloths and tiles to enhance the magickal look and feel of your sacred space.

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Altar Cloth: Nile Goddess

Here you will find the Nile Moon Goddess portrayed lovingly on this 3` by 3` square of cloth, that c..


Buddha Altar Cloth, Lg, Select Color

Buddha Scarves/Altar Cloth - 42" x 68" This Altar Cloth can be used as prayer shawl. Also be h..


Ganesh Altar Cloth, Lg, Select Color

Ganesh Scarves/Altar Cloth - 42" x 68" This Altar Cloth can be used as prayer shawl. Also be hung ..


Handmade Wooden Altar Tile

Homemade wooden Altar tiles, in genuine Maple, Walnut or Pine.  An altar tile is a great fo..


Kwan Yin Altar Cloth, Lg, Select Color

Kwan Yin Altar Cloth - 42" x 68"  This Altar Cloth can be used as prayer shawl. Also be hung f..


Rune Mother Altar Cloth

Surrounded by magical Norse runes for healing and good luck, the Mother of all runes is portrayed as..


Triquetra Altar Cloth, Gold/Silver/Black

A potent symbol for any altar, the Triquetra most often represents the Maiden, Mother and Crone of t..


Triquetra Altar Tile, Soapstone

A beautiful soapstone altar tile featuring a Triquetra Celtic knot.  6".  ..


Triquetra Altar Tile, Wood, Cut Out Design

This wonderfully carved and stained wooden altar tile will fit in even the smallest of altar spaces ..


Black & Gold Altar Plate, Glass

This altar plate tile makes a lovely, versatile piece for your sacred space.  Stand it as shown..


Black, Gold & Silver Triquetra Altar Cloth

Made of heavy black cloth, this 24" x 24" altar cloth displays a silver Triquetra at its center, bor..


Chakra Altar Plate / Incense Holder Set

This gorgeous set of 7 round soapstone incense holders is each intricately carved with one of the de..


Dreamcatcher Altar Cloth

Dream catcher and Native American symbols are displayed across this earth and sky-tone tie dyed alta..


Ganesh Altar Cloth, Blue

An excellent decoration for your altar, desk or just about anywhere, this brilliant blue altar cloth..


Incense Burner, Various Designs

These wooden incense burners hold stick style incense and come in three designs.  They each mea..


Incense Plates, Various Designs

Hand painted wooden incense plates hold your stick incense.  Each measure 4" x 4".  They a..


Meditation & Altar Mat: Dreamcatcher

This beautiful round Dreamcatcher Tapestry-Yoga Mat comes in a beautiful white and turquoise print, ..


Sacred Geometry Coaster Set

These Sacred Geometry coasters are perfect to use where furniture requires protection. Beautiful as..


Selenite Flower Of Life Incense Holder / Altar Tile -10%

Selenite Flower Of Life Incense Holder / Altar Tile

A powerful sacred geometric symbol, the Flower Of Life pattern is beautifully engraved on this round..

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Soapstone Pentacle Incense Holder

Carved Soapstone incense burner, 4 inches diameter.Use for stick or cone incense, as a coaster or al..