Green Man Medallion Pendant

Green Man Medallion Pendant

The Green man is our ‘Protector of Nature’ and the ‘Spirit of the Environment.’ This Environmental Talisman helps you commune with Nature, protects against “losing one’s way outdoors” and wards off any aggression from Wild Animals.

Artistically he is most often sculptured in the form of a full-faced head with leaves and tendrils growing from his features and hair. One of the earliest known examples of this type of foliate face is carved on a tomb in France and dates back to 400 AD. The ancient Celts worshiped the land and it is possible that the true origins of the Green Man stem from this source. However, similar figures are to be found in India, ancient Babylon and Islamic art.

In medieval and later periods countless thousands of Green Men were carved and painted as part of the ornamentation of many, if not most, of the churches and other important buildings.

This beautiful Green Man pendant is sterling-silver plated with a high-shine coating to prevent tarnish.

Approximately 1 1/4".  Jewellery cording included.

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