Crystal Pendants

Crystal Pendants

We carry a very unique assortment of crystal & gemstone pendants.  If there's something special you're looking for and you don't see it here, send us an email and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. 

Crystals have long been recognized as sacred healing tools.  There has been a shift, an awakening, and more people are discovering this healing modality everyday.  You do not need to be a member of an exclusive "crystal club" or pay thousands of dollars to be "certified" in crystal healing.  We are ALL born receptive to the Earth's healing gifts, and we can all be successful at applying the amazing practice of crystal healing to our lives and the lives of those we love.

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Amazonite Chip Bracelet, From Peru

Amazonite balances feminine and masculine energy. It promotes kindness and practicality. It is an ex..


Amazonite Pendant, Polished Point

These pendants are stunning!  Hand-polished gemstone points form a "diamond" sh..


Amethyst Angel Pendant

Said to be great for healing, psychic awareness, and other qualities of the mind, a piece of transl..


Amethyst Healer Pendant

Amethyst: Meditation, dream recall, dispels nightmares and helps with insomnia, aides in magick ..


Amethyst Nugget Bracelet

Medium rounded semi-precious stones are highly polished and made into fashionable, stretchable brace..


Amethyst Point Pendant

These stylish crystal pendants feature natural polished crystal points set in sterling silver. Crys..


Amethyst Teardrop Pendant

Teardrops carry great meaning for many, whether for blissful happiness, a sad memory, or in remembr..


Angel Wing Amethyst Heart Pendant

Sterling silver angel wings with an Amethyst heart center create a magical and meaningful piece.&nbs..


Arrowhead Pendant - Carnelian

A beautiful rough Carnelian shaped as an Arrowhead pendant.  Wrapped in silvertone wire, on cor..


Chakra Sun Pendant, Sterling

The Chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force al..


Citrine Dream Catcher Pendant

Each wire woven pendant from Brazil features two pieces of citrine including a small tumbled stone ..


Citrine Pendant, Polished Point

These pendants are stunning!  Hand-polished gemstone points form a "diamond" shaped tip.  High shin..


Faceted Amethyst Ring, Sterling

Wow, this is a real stunner! This is crystal clear grade 'A' Amethyst set in sterling.  The fac..


Fluorite Angel Pendant

Fluorite is the stone of the path, the stone of discernment. It comes from the Latin word fluo, whic..


Four Directions Dream Catcher Earrings

These very unique sterling silver earrings features 4 gems to represent Earth, Air, Fire & Water..


Garnet Point Pendant

Garnet symbolizes faith, love, devotion and trust.  A beautiful gemstone pendant set in sterli..


Gemstone Ribbon Necklace, Various Stones

These neck pieces are stunning!  They are beaded using genuine grade A 8mm gemstone beads, and ..


Healing Gemstone Pendant: Carnelian Point

High quality sterling silver with top of the line Carnelian crystal.  Approximate size: 1 3/4" A go..


Healing Gemstone Pendant: Tiger Eye

A very high quality Tiger Eye with polished sides set in sterling silver.  Approx. 1 1/2" long.  ..


Herkimer Quartz & Garnet Pendant, Sterling

This double terminated Crystal is a very powerful piece to wear and a real eye catcher.  High qu..