Gemstone Sets

Gemstone Sets

These lovely, well thought out and put together gemstone sets are a great compact size to carry in your purse or pocket.  Each set is made with loving care and the best of intentions.  If you're looking for specific intention, please let Tara know and she can custom craft a gemstone set for your needs (price and size of the gems will vary for custom orders ). 

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Chakra Gem Set

Each of these beautiful Chakra Gem Sets contain 7 polished gems that correspond with the chakra syst..


Chakra Gemstone Healing Set

Complete your healing crystal collection with this great chakra stone set. The beautiful crystals c..


Personal Chakra Wand Set

This Personal Chakra set comes in a velvet pouch to protect your wands when not in use. Wands vary ..


Practical Magic Gift Set

Find all the tools you need to enchant the everyday and harness the power of magic--through crystals..


Chakra Pyramid Set

Our Set of chakra Pyramids is the perfect gift for anyone in search of health improvement. Each pyra..


Chakra Sanskrit Symbol Stone Set

These beautiful flat stones are polished to a beautiful shine with engraved Sanskrit symbols that co..


Chakra Stones Gift Set

A set of chakra stones is the perfect gift for anyone in search of health improvement. Each healing ..


Crystal Growing Kit - Amethyst

Prepare the crystal growing solution and watch the beautiful crystals grow before your eyesGrow crys..


Four Seasons Gem Set

These beautiful etched black gems feature symbols that represent SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN & WINTER..


Gem Set: Communication

Communication- (Connecting) -Planetary Influence- Uranus, Saturn Chakras: 4th & 5th -B..


Pagan Symbol Gems

These gorgeous quartz crystal gems are etched with various Pagan symbols that are meaningful to peop..


Quartz Crystal Chakra Shiva Lingham Set

These beautiful crystal clear Quartz pieces are polished and shaped into the sacred Shiva Lingham sh..


Reiki Symbol Chakra Pyramid Set

These beautiful 30mm gemstone pyramids correspond to the 7 chakra energy centers of the body.  ..


Shiva Lingham Reiki Set

These beautiful brown shiva lingham reiki sets consist of 4 shiva stones and a velvet pouch. Each sh..