Family of Earth - S Schimmel

Family of Earth - S Schimmel

Lions live in a world of grassy plains. To dolphins, the world is water. Lush green trees make up gorillas' world. And yet, all these animals share the same world. This is the point artist Schim Schimmel makes over and over and over in The Family of Earth: "The earth may look different to each of us, but we share only one earth." Through his surrealistic acrylic paintings of leopards, penguins, hippos, and gorillas, each in their appropriate landscape (or floating in space with the moon and stars and planet Earth hovering nearby), the author-illustrator expresses his beliefs about planetary interdependence. Schimmel describes his paintings as Environmental Visionary Surrealism, and hopes to change the way readers see the world.  Recommended age: 4 years - 100

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