Fairy Garden Triple Moon Pendant: Rose

Fairy Garden Triple Moon Pendant: Rose

These tiny, fairy-sized REAL flowers are specially grown in miniature then captured to protect their delicate natural beauty for all time.  The pendants are 1 1/8" wide.  Sterling Silver.  Will come on black cording. 

Rose: Love, romance, Goddess energy, femininity, beauty, compassion

Roses are the most eloquent love expression one can convey to beloved ones. Roses are popular all around the globe for its eternal beauty and exceptional fragrances. Different colors and hues of roses correspond to different love statement. Naturally, various varieties and colors of roses carry different flower meanings when they are gifted.

Have you ever wondered that anagram of rose is EROS - the Greek god of love. That's why Valentines Day epitomizes the expression and feeling of love with a Rose only. In lovers' lexicon, roses have always a special place to mark the occasion and feeling of love. It has been prized for thousands of years throughout varied range of cultures, and has come to symbolize many different things. A perfect way to say "I love You" - it has been the choice of lovers in every culture and century.

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