Fairy Garden Triple Moon Pendant: Forget-Me-Not

Fairy Garden Triple Moon Pendant: Forget-Me-Not

These tiny, fairy-sized REAL flowers are specially grown in miniature then captured to protect their delicate natural beauty for all time.  The pendants are 1 1/8" wide.  Sterling Silver.  Will come on black cording. 

The Legend of the Forget-Me-Not

There are many myths and legends attached to the naming of the Forget-Me-Not flower; a German legend refers to the small, yet unnamed plant who cried out to God, “Forget me not, Lord!”. However, the most romantic legend as to how the Forget-Me-Not gained its name is a medieval legend.  A knight was said to be choosing some flowers for his sweetheart, who was walking with him, when he fell into the river, due to the weight of his armor; the knight is said to have thrown the blue flowers to his sweetheart on the river bank crying, "Forget-Me-Not"


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